What happens in Vegas stays well documented on Instagram.

Approximately 82 hours ago I was "waking up" after four hours of sleep (for the second night in a row) to catch an early flight back to the Detroit Metro Airport. I had just spent the last four nights in Las Vegas and, to be perfectly honest, I have no idea how I managed to get out of bed at that hour (it was 3am, to save you all the math), especially after the day I had just had, which consisted of me basically being bedridden until about 3pm and missing out on the one slightly healthy outing that we had planned - to do some light hiking and take in the views at Red Rock Canyon.

This was my first trip to Sin City and I have to say that I'm not sure that I "did Vegas," so much as Vegas "did me." The lights, the music, the booze, oh my.... I didn't even go half as crazy as I could have done. Several of my companions were well ahead of me there, but for someone who can honestly list their average alcohol consumption on their health form as being less than one drink a week, well, I am pretty proud of my accomplishments.

I will admit, too, that I was a little wary when I first got there. The constant buzzing energy and sky high prices took a little getting used to and I didn't feel entirely confident that I was actually going to enjoy it that much. Buuuuuut I got over it, worked out some money-saving strategies (dance until 3am, wake up at noon, that's one less meal you have to pay for!), and very quickly found myself adjusting to a life that involved drinks service by the pool.

Living the high life.

All lit up.

Necessary tourism.
Can't beat that view.

Preparing to zip-line in a dress down Fremont Street. 

Getting ready for the final night.

What also helped endear me to the place was, strangely, that this was actually a family vacation. We used to go on vacations together all the time when I was little, but as my cousins and I have gotten older it's become more and more difficult to coordinate everyone's schedules, not to mention that we have also started to disperse - to travel, and even to live further away. It's been a really long time since so many of us have been able to travel together. Even my grandparents made it, a fact which has shocked many, though as I once said, as a kid - your grandma may knit, but my grandma gambles.

A family affair + Paige. Love you Paige.

Grandparents being adorable.

Dice for Betty and Joe.

It was really nice to all be in one place for a while, with zero obligations, exploring new things, and just hanging out and creating some new memories. Reminded me of the good old times! Though, apparently, Las Vegas is nothing like it used to be, as we were regularly reminded.....and I'm sure the next time I make it out there I will hardly recognize it myself.



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