Post-yoga rays and the subsequent musings of the mind.

If you were wondering where I was, well I am here. And if you were starting to worry....just a at peace, because despite my long (though not completely unexplained) absence this space has been always at the back of my mind.

Maybe, probably, in all likelihood you haven't even noticed that I haven't posted anything as of late, and I don't blame you. You have a life. You are living it, as you should be, but I am noticing all the time.

I hate when I don't have time to write. Not even the tiniest moment to just stop by and leave a little "Hello. I'm here. I am thinking of you!" It would be helpful if, when I don't have time, all of those would-be-blog-post thoughts would just evaporate and disappear from the universe never to be considered again, but no. No, instead they bounce around inside my head, crashing against one another, preventing any sort of efficient or functional thinking - the kind that is necessary to accomplish all of those things that one must accomplish in life, like mailing one's car payment or returning a contract for nineteen round tables and one horrendously large pole tent, which will hopefully never have to be used.

I seek out other ways to untangle the resulting mental knots. The amount of yoga happening in this house right now has reached epic proportions, but it's just not the same. Nothing beats the catharsis that comes from laying it all out on the table, in print, where it remains permanent, unalterable, final.

If you have yet to try it - this writing thing. Do. I highly recommend it.



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