The (accidental) bi-weekly review.

I just looked at my post list and was a little surprised by how long it has been since I've blogged. I knew it had been a few days, but more than two weeks??!!! Yikes.

I think it's safe to say that wedding planning has officially consumed all of my time, energy, and brain capacity. It has become a second job - perfectly filling up every spare moment nook and cranny of my already too busy day. During the morning hours I walk around in a wedding planners fog - desperately attempting to keep my ideas at bay until my little babysitting charge goes down for her nap. At night I fight a losing battle against my ever-whirring brain and then, when I am finally able to fall asleep, my thoughts reorganize themselves into lace-filled dreams. Sometimes nightmares.

The last couple of weeks were particularly trying. We have been tackling the last few, big vendors and coming to terms with some of our budgetary requirements, and if my brain was getting paid, it would definitely be into overtime by now. I am happy to report, however, that our efforts have not been fruitless and that there has been at least one fantastic result - which is that we have officially chosen a caterer! Woohoo!!!! least we know we won't starve....😁



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