The other day I stumbled upon this forgotten photo from my 30 Days of Yoga challenge. I'm glad I found it, as it's definitely more of a fun one and it definitely took me more than one attempt to get myself into that pose before the timer ended.

This picture is also such a perfect representation my state-of-being during that challenge - of the sense of balance and peace that I walked around with every, single day.

These days things are a little more chaotic. As my wedding date draws nearer and the planning process gets more and more complicated [Don't even get me started on the restaurant that wanted to charge me the entirety of my wedding budget for a dinner buffet...], I often find myself looking back to that month and trying to recall those feelings of ease and tranquility.

Sometimes the memories are enough and sometimes.....well....let's just say I'm not always the easiest person to be around right now 😏. But it's nice to know that when I'm stressed I can always unroll my mat, take some time for myself, and find that peace once again.



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