30 Days of Yoga.

One of my favorite poses, as you'll see.

As some of you may know, shortly after the start of the new year, I embarked on a challenge to practice yoga every day, for thirty days. Although I wasn't exactly new to yoga - I had attended my fair share of group classes - I also wasn't anywhere near to having developed any kind of regular or personalized practice.

Enter Adriene

I can't even remember how I stumbled upon Adriene Mishler's Youtube channel - Yoga With Adriene - but boy am I glad that I did. Adriene delivers yoga instruction in a totally unique way. Her videos are fun and relaxed, a little silly, even. No need for perfection. At the same time she encourages integrity and perseverance and, especially with her 30 Days challenge, teaches her students how to create a personalized home practice that can last beyond the thirty days.

It took me slightly more than thirty days to finish the challenge. Thirty-one actually. I just couldn't manage it on what SHOULD have been the last day. I know, I know. I even doubled up one day as a catch up, but this wedding planning....I'm telling you. 

I can honestly say, though, that it only took me one day to fall completely in love with the process and to feel completely attached to my mat (a Christmas gift from my wonderful cousin). Very quickly my yoga time became one of my favorite parts of the day. Some days I would shift my entire schedule just to fit it in. 

And it was so worth it. Like an intensive crash course in connecting my mind and body, and in regaining control. After a while I found myself using my yoga skills throughout the day - as a way to stretch and wake up in the morning, or to calm myself down when the day's stressors became overwhelming. All without video or prompting. This is something that I had always known that yoga could do for me, but I had just never been motivated enough to get so deeply involved before.

Told you it was one of my favorite poses. Day 4.
New yoga gear and a twist on Day 5.

Forward fold on Day 16.
Easy Breezy Beautiful Yoga

Welcoming the morning on Day 20.

Double duty, Days 21 and 22.

Restorative poses on Day 24.

Here we are again. Shavasan-ahhhhhh.

Possibly my coolest yoga outfit of the whole challenge ;) Day 27.

Pedicure to match my mat on Day 29.

And finally, rolling up my mat on Day 30. Okay, fine, Day 31.

These are just a few moments from my 30 Days. I would encourage anyone who has ever been interested in yoga to accept the 30 Day Challenge, or at the very least to check out Adriene's channel. You WILL NOT regret it.

Love and namaste.


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