Oh my thoughts, I return to summertime.

After returning home from a friend's house this morning, I was compelled to take a walk around the neighborhood in the falling snow. It was the nicest kind of snow - big, fat, beautiful flakes boasting the most perfect and intricate detail visible to the naked eye. The snow was also a sign of warmer temperatures - our average high last week was 11 degrees Fahrenheit (-12C) and it was -25 (-32C) when we woke up on Friday morning, NOT factoring in the windchill. So 22 degrees feels mild in comparison, and seemed like the perfect temperature for a leisurely stroll in the snow.

There is something about falling snow that lends itself so well to a little quiet reflection. No gym, no store, no online resource, nothing else can replicate the awesome powers of nature. Get outside people. Disconnect and get connected.



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