Legit American dessert beverage

A2 <3

Flight day breakfast

Now entering Hertford

Circus bants


A few snaps from the last week or so. 

There appears to have been a seamless transition from camp to life, but maybe this is because I have been moving too fast to think about it very much. There has been far too much movement and excitement and planning to think about anything other than the immediate future, and this is, in some ways, a blessing because it's meant that I have been able to remain emotionally stable (relatively) during this time of, yet more transition and travel and major life decision-making.

Every so often, though, there is a rare, quiet moment when my mind stops whirring long enough to remember. 
And that is when I feel truly heartsick.

But chop-chop and move it along now. There is no time to stand still, thinking for too long.

And. Oh. Yeah. Iamgettingmarriedintwodays.

So right.



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