Ready for my close-up.


Apparently some mama rabbit thought it would be a brilliant idea to make a nest on the grounds of an elementary school. Maybe she genuinely thought that the children would leave her babies alone. Maybe she's just a risk taker. Who knows. I can almost guarantee that she definitely didn't plan on one of my kids repeatedly stomping around in the vicinity of the nest in a total Field Day frenzy.

Cue my heart skyrocketing into my throat.

So far, though, she seems to have been lucky. Even though the babies are a little too adventurous for my liking. One little guy decided to take a stroll during Friday's outdoor lunch period. I didn't expect him to move very far from his nest, but after a quick pose in the nearby grass, he hopped right up to the edge of the sidewalk, where I was standing. Thankfully he took one look at all of the kids eating on the other side of the lawn, turned around, and hippity-hopped back to safety.

Camouflage expert



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