Before Isabella.

Sassy sista.

A (slightly) belated Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister Isabella! I've really been slacking on my sisterly duties, I know, and I won't make excuses. But really, things are like, ridiculously busy and crazy right now. [Like seriously. No. they are. Like really. Seriously :-\ ]

Still, whatever the reason, this does not excuse my lateness, especially for someone so important. And she is important. Because when Isabella came along, all of our lives changed.

Before Isabella we thought that children were completely dependent on their parents. Before Isabella, I'd never met anyone under the age of eight who knew how to use her mom's credit card (and sign it) without any help. She could con anyone into buying her candy and she knew where all the hiding places were before she left toddler-hood. She could sniff out gum like nobody's business.

Before Isabella, we all thought that Natalia was the best dancer, and Sophia the most dramatic. We thought that Sophia threw the biggest tantrums when we sometimes left the house without her (sing those little sister blues). Boy were we wrong.

Before Isabella, we probably all thought that we were the best older sisters, but Isabella's sisterly skills blew us all out of the water. She proved what it really means to be a big sister, a carer, and a friend. She has been the one that we have all depended on. The one who has never let us down.

Before Isabella we couldn't even see how we could fit any more Rodriguez sisters into the bunch, but just like with everything else, she surprised us. She was the perfect fit.

To my talented, caring, independent, and hardworking sister - Happy Birthday. Every time I see a new photo of you, I can't believe my eyes. You are growing to be such a beautiful and wonderful person - just like we always knew you would be - and you are making us all so proud.



  1. Isabella is awesome! The kids love it when she baby-sits! A Natural Nurturer...learning from The Best!


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