Never knew I could feel like this.

If I were a real blogger I would have included a post-workout photo, but I didn't want to subject any of you to that.

Arrrgh! Just had my first personal training session and my body is f*&@#d!!!

A couple of weeks ago, on the suggestion of my roommate, I joined the absolutely stunning YMCA in downtown Detroit. The views from the main fitness room are spectacular and I am super keen to try out their rock-climbing wall.

Somewhere during the process of becoming a member, however, I unknowingly signed myself up for a complimentary personal training session. I was probably confused because at my last gym I was required to have a consultation with a trainer before I could start using the machines. So when I got a call last week asking when I was free for my first session I was a little wary.

I've never had any real interest in this kind of one-to-one attention in the gym. It's bad enough being one in a class of twenty-five with the instructor screaming, "If one of you drops we're starting over!" I don't really enjoy being yelled at. It just doesn't motivate me and the thought of having to complete physical tasks as part of some sort of test sounds like my kind of high-school, PE nightmare.

Bearing all of this in mind, my first instinct was to politely opt out with something along the lines of, "You know, I'm just really busy right now," but I didn't know how I could say this without it sounding like an excuse (which it would have been). So I went along with it and set a date. It was less of a 'man-up' and more of an unwillingness to come across like a total chicken. Plus, I figured a lot of people work with personal trainers, so it couldn't be that bad. Right?

Right??! I have never experienced anything like this before. I am usually a little sore the day after an intense workout, but this is totally different. It started last night. First, with achey arms and legs. Then my back and abs kicked in, protesting after more than five minutes in any position. I actually had trouble sleeping! I was hoping that the pain would subside as the day wore on, but it seems to be getting worse.... What have I done???

Scheduled a follow-up session. That's what.

God help me.



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