Everything on my computer is in Italian.

Ahhhhhhh vacation....

We are on day four and I am finally starting to really relax. We arrived at the Albergo da Franco (pictured above) around 4pm on Friday - after about 7 hours of travelling - and promptly settled in for a two hour snooze, because that is what people do here during the hottest part of the day.

This was followed by a fantastic and leisurely three-course meal with the rest of our group (they serve pasta as a starter) and then a late-night jaunt into the centre of Lazise - a quaint and cobbled village, surrounded by medieval walls and set right on the edge of Lake Garda.

At night Lazise is a hotspot and the streets are packed, but during the day the heat is stifling and the town is quiet - only tourists daring to venture outside. You have to keep cool in any way you can.

There is a lot of gelato involved.

And the lake. Oh the lake. I mean, paradise.



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