What month are we in now?

Is it actually Monday night again? Last week went by incredibly fast. We have finally been getting some more daylight hours around here and yet, somehow, there is still not enough time in the day. But busy is good. At least in my book. And it makes my time off all that much more amazing.

A couple of interesting developments from the last week or so:

1) We took a trip to Brighton last weekend and in less than a day I had absolutely fallen in love with the city. Just an hour train ride from London, Brighton reminded me so much of Ann Arbor, except that it was bigger, more English, and by the sea. We stayed in a stylish little B&B in Kemptown, just off of the beach, and spent much of our time perusing the many independent shops and sipping hot drinks in local cafes. Our trip was mainly relaxation-focused, except for the night we spent boogieing to the Juke Joint Jamboree at the Mesmerist. So much vintage!

Oh, also, we went to see these guys:

And 2) Science is amazing!

Another busy week ahead. Working seven out of seven days, but it will all be worth it when I can actually afford to pay for that spa day I just booked at the end of the Easter holidays.
Until then...



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