On the freedom to love.

The world is changing.

And it is truly amazing how quickly it is happening. You can physically see and feel it. When was the last time that society morphed so rapidly? Shifted so suddenly that yesterday was one thing and today is a whole other story?

The people in my life are beautiful and diverse and I appreciate that, but I have to be honest, clinging to the past is not going to help. There is no going back. We are here. Now. And one day, very very soon, people will be wondering, "what took so long?" Sometimes it wasn't that you grew up in a different time, or that you were looking at it the wrong way. Sometimes you were just wrong. We are all wrong, sometimes. But we accept this and move forward. And our lives are so much better for it.

A lot of people know more about this than me:

Supreme Court Proposition 8 Case Arguments Cast Doubt On Gay Marriage Ban

http://eitherandor.tumblr.com/ - On gay marriage, equal rights, and being an ally.

Love for all.


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