"The ballot is stronger than the bullet." - Abraham Lincoln

It's voting day!!!!!! 

Well at least in England.....well at least for me. This morning I deposited my absentee ballot at the Hertford post office - much to the annoyance of the postal workers who couldn't figure out what size category the envelope fell into. I also handed over a sizeable amount of money for tracking, but as I assured the fresh-from-education youth behind the counter, it was worth it.

I know that my ability to vote is both a privilege and a responsibility and I take that very seriously. My vote is important as a citizen, as a young adult and as a woman (WOMEN! TAKE NOTE! YOUR VOTE IS EXTREMELY INFLUENTIAL!). Not only do I do my part by voting, but by educating myself about the issues and candidates and by making an informed decision. This is an exciting time and I hope that every one of you in the U.S. chooses to excercise your own voting right on Tuesday, November 6th. After all, if I can manage it from across the sea, you all can make it happen!



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