Sun in the skies.

After an unusually cold end to winter, for this part of the world anyway, the sun has finally decided to emerge once more. The last couple of weeks have brought blue skies and wonderfully mild temperatures - peaking in the upper 50s (Fahrenheit that is. I still have little to no concept of Celsius without actually doing the calculations). Many days have been positively spring-like, resulting in birds chirping, trees blooming and the citizens of Hertford and London emerging from their wintery hovels in full force.

Last weekend we had lunch with some friends, including our pals who are new parents and their baby.

 Amazing that in just a few short weeks he has gone from this...

to this...

to this.

Only one of these is the father and I swear this picture was not posed.

Laugh it up now, James. You won't find him funny forever.



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