The most awkward performance time ever.

Last night Owen and I enjoyed a romantic date night involving dinner at german-style fast food restaurant and comedians fighting to be heard over the rattle of the underground...

No, seriously though, it was an awesome evening. The restaurant in question is Herman Ze German - a tiny, independently owned place selling German sausages and other German-style delights. The menu is small and simple, but oh so good, and there is usually a decent sized crowd - especially around meal times. Luckily Owen and I had a show to catch, so we were a bit early for the dinner-time rush and were able to get a table. Nothing says romance like gazing at one another across a cup filled with fries, whilst munching on an over sized sausage with nothing but a flimsy napkin to catch the fallen toppings.

Please note Owen's excitement in this first ever uploaded photo from my brand new grown-up phone.

The evening's entertainment were the Pajama Men. The hilarious duo, originally from New Mexico, specialize in sketch comedy and improv, and perform their entire show whilst in pajamas (hence the name). After reading a stellar review of them in The Guardian (read it HERE), we were lucky enough to catch the penultimate show, awkwardly staged at 5:30pm - a fact which they noted several times during the performance. The show was everything one could wish for in a comedic production - smart, funny, unique and informed. Plus just straight up goofy. The performers were engaging and experienced improvers. I actually laughed out loud several times - which is always a good sign.

Unfortunately their run with the Soho Theatre ended last night, but if you have a chance to see them in the future, you should grab it.



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