A welcome change of weather.


Last night England experienced a very rare and heavy snowfall - at least six inches. Temperatures here have been freezing all week, to the dismay and discomfort of many in the UK. Winters here are generally gray and wet, as opposed to the blustery and wintry conditions that I grew up with in Michigan, so the people living here tend to be somewhat under prepared and overly nervous about snowy weather. The National Health Service even issued a "severe cold" warning earlier in the week and people have been talking about the weather non-stop.

Yesterday morning the speculation about the weather hit it's peak, as nearly everyone was fretting over the high chance of snow. I was even asked, "as an American," what my thoughts were on the weather forecast. I may have been the only one excitedly awaiting the flurries, but in the end the snow seems to have succeeded in enchanting the whole of Hertford. By noon it seemed that most of the town had left their houses to take advantage of the unusual weather. Owen and I went out for a nice, long walk today and were far from alone amongst the sledders, snowball throwing youngsters, and families exploring the landscape with their children and pets.

The first flakes!

West Street Winter Wonderland.

 Photos from the castle grounds and the meads.

What a wonderful and unexpected treat the snow was. The lack of it over the holidays did make me a little sad. Unfortunately for Owen, and all other school kids and teachers out there, it didn't happen on a week day. It did make for a beautiful landscape, however. One that we don't often get to see in Hertford.



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