First update of the new year.

Wow. Can not believe that it's already the end of January. Does time seem to move more and more quickly each year? Maybe it's just me.

The last week or so has consisted mainly of a very regular, and slightly repetitive, schedule of activities including work, time with friends, and (thankfully) a couple of very restful days. I'm well into Stieg Larsson's Millennium series at this point - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo almost a not-too-distant memory. The books are proving to be very addicting, which is fine with me. I would much rather be wrapped up in a good book than instantly turning on the television as soon as I get home. There's never anything good to watch at that time of day anyway...

All in all a very normal and not-all-that-interesting life at the moment. Though I did burn my first ever CD yesterday. I know, where have I been, right? But in my defense I didn't have a computer capable of reading discs, much less burning them, until I was about thirteen and soon after I bought my first mp3 player, so I never really needed to know how to do it.

Tomorrow is a free day so I'm off to visit the newest member of our group of Hertford friends. Check out this little nugget:

It's amazing how quickly ordinary people transform into parents. Those friends that you traveled with when you were single and spent late nights with at the pub are suddenly skilled at diaper changing and interpreting the signals of a being that can barely open his own eyes, let alone communicate. These two seem to have discovered their superparent powers with the utmost of ease and it's such a privilege to be allowed in on the journey.

Hope that you all have had a relaxing January after all of the holiday madness!



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