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Beautiful, Comfortable // A Practical Wedding

Three weeks to go (gah!) and this bride-to-be is in need of some serious grounding. [Enter excessive amounts of, but really, yes, but that is not what this is about] In a world full of high-fashion and editorial-style competition, where our daily feeds are inundated with Pinterest promoted perfection, it is super easy to get overwhelmed by the pressure to keep up. So, here, today, a little for you, but mostly for me, is some real-life wedspiration to, well, inspire, to maintain the sanity, and to remind us that love is the most beautiful thing.

Courthouse Chic // Green Wedding Shoes
DIY Decor & Dolly Parton // Wedding Chicks

Minimalist Outdoor Ceremony // Green Wedding Shoes
No Flowers Needed // Offbeat Bride
Brown Bag Confetti // Ruffled
Unedited Joy // A Practical Wedding
Love is a Dragon-Phoenix Cake // Offbeat Bride
Mascara Enhanced Emotion // A Practical Wedding
Be Happy, Be You // Offbeat Bride
Love in the Creases // Green Wedding Shoes
<3 // A Practical Wedding

That's better.

(Real) Love.


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