Fall and fairytales. Or, the travels, continued.

Reeds at Ranworth Broad.

After returning from our vacation to Northern Ireland, where our days were hectic (albeit enjoyable), we decided that we were due a bit of a break. So, we continued the half-term holiday with a retreat to the Norfolk coast for a two-night stay at a Bed and Breakfast, where we could have plenty of rest and relaxation andahahahahaha....yeah right. I couldn't even finish that lie.

What began as a genuine attempt (at least on my part) to breath, luxuriate, and take full advantage of the services of our B&B quickly gave way to maps and planning and another packed itinerary. But, as is the case with these types of trips, there were also plenty of photo opportunities.

Beach walk, Great Yarmouth.

Exploring the Ranworth Broad. Like something from a dream.

I developed a slight obsession with reeds during this trip...

Ultimate autumnal view from the top of the tower at St. Helen, Ranworth.

Life at The Broads.

A British standard made gourmet by the minimalist mushy peas.

Endless sea at Cromer.

Obsessing over the colors in this beach shingle.

On our way home - a stop at the remains of a Roman fort.

Exploring the fort.

See. Told you. More reeds.

One thing that I have come to realize over the last couple of weeks is just how much I enjoy traveling in the fall, in fact, how much I think I prefer it. Of course, exploring the outdoors will always be more comfortable when the temperature is milder, but there is a certain atmosphere at this time of year, which is simply lost in the summer. Everything about the autumn, from the long, low afternoon shadows to the mystical colors saturating the landscape and sky, generates a scene that is somehow more emotive. The landscape almost feels more real, as if you are seeing it in its natural state, rather than in an overly cheerful blaze of sun, and at the same time, the details that would be lost in white, hot brightness, contribute a certain, magical quality - as if you have stepped into a fairytale.

And if you don't know me by now, then you should at least know this one thing - I am very partial to a fairytale.



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