Fish filler.

Leftover tilapia + all the fresh fixings = fish tacos = two meals from one = HEAVEN

I don't usually post food-related photos on this blog that do not have either a recipe or an interesting story to accompany them. [Let's be real, that is what Instagram is for.] However, I am currently finding myself in this extremely transitional, too much to think about, too much to do kind of place in my life. I am actually insanely busy right now. I have 'To Do' lists, upon 'To Do' lists, upon 'To Do' lists - all with categories and subcategories and taglines to go along with them. I think that I am busier than I have ever least since I left college. So even though I have been having a lot of fun and interesting experiences that I would love to tell you all about, this is really all that I can muster for right now.

You'll just have to deal with it.



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