The littlest fool.

Christmas 2010

Today my bebesita (not actually my child) is 4 years old.

Four years ago today, my sister sent me a text that read:

"Our sister was born on April 1st, 2010. What a joke...."

But it was no joke. It was the start of a human being unlike any other. Teresa Veronique Rodriguez. A beautiful, clever, little girl that would very quickly have the entire family wrapped around her tiny finger.

Because from the moment she was born this girl was something special.

She is...a genius, if you will.
A mastermind.
A badass.

And today, all day, I would like to celebrate the existence of this little creature. Starting with a pictorial review of her influential (if short) life, thus far.

Here is how she looked when I met her (basically awesome).  At first she seemed a little fragile and naive to the ways of the world. Never have I been so wrong.
Here she is meditating, age approximately 1 month.

Within her first few months of life Teresa had simultaneously nailed her poker face and secured herself the title of 'Queen of the Selfie'. #twobirdswithonestone

By 8 months she was adept at the many forms of self-defense. Already she was familiar with weapons of the modern variety... well as those originating in the science fiction world.

Here she is teaching O how to train dog.

During the first two years of her young life, Teresa learned some of life's most valuable lessons. Such as, you can always find the best accessories in your sisters' collections. And one can never have too many accessories.

Also, if you carefully suggest that your sister has recently put on a few pounds, she will suddenly morph into a horse and take you on a free tour of the city. Otherwise known as "going for a run."

Also, never smile when they ask you to.

Also, always keep them guessing.
Here she is, aged two, using chopsticks. Like a boss.

Here she is very subtly taking credit for a Mother's Day breakfast she very clearly didn't make.

Never pose when they ask you to.

Always keep them guessing.

So a very ~Happy Birthday~ to my Teresita. Even though you can't read this just yet.

To my little sister who is so young, but already so old. So wise. To the one who is probably headed for world domination. Because at four-years-old she already knows that sometimes being the good, little princess doesn't get you anywhere and it is often much more fun to be the evil fairy.

Te quiero mucho mi hermanita.

Sibling love.


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