Sorry, but I don't speak Swedish.

Six months ago, I had never even considered traveling to Sweden. Now, I have been to Stockholm twice. The first time, back in January, basically involved the bf and I playing super tourists and spending most of our time in the most charming, and oldest part of the city - Gamla stan. About three weeks ago I made the split-second decision to visit my dear friend, who has recently returned to her homeland after a five-year stint in the UK. And boy am I glad I did!

For those of you that aren't in the know, last weekend played host to both the Ice Hockey World Championships AND the Eurovision Song Contest - both of which resulted in some serious celebration in Sweden. I had originally been under the impression that I was in for a laid-back weekend, but what I ended up with was a fuel-filled 72 hours of dashing from one event to the next. Throw in some good food, fun peeps, and LOTS of singing, and you've got a pretty amazing time in a seriously beautiful city!

EVERYONE was getting into the Eurovision spirit - including this really awesome choir, which performed a concert made up entirely of Eurovision winning songs!

Suuuper excited for Eurovision!

The best Eurovision viewing location ever. You are seeing the cinema-esque, tiered seating. What you are not seeing is the massive projection screen (as tall as the height of the seats) showing the song contest.

Sunday night we watched the Ice Hockey World Championships and, as you can probably tell by these photos of the rally in Kungsträdgården on Monday, Sweden was victorious! [ Side note: The final was ALMOST between Sweden and the US, which would have been fun, but unfortunately the Swiss team absolutely pounded us in Saturday's semi-final. Probably for the best, as it might have got a liiiittle bit competitive :) ]

Everyone was pretty excited.

I knew that I would enjoy my weekend, no matter what, but it ended up being an absolutely spectacular three days. Special thanks to the Warodell sisters - and their friends - for making it that way. Just as with the last visit, I found myself falling hard and fast for city and its inhabitants. 

In fact, it was a little difficult to leave, and just as I was beginning to get a grasp on the language. Which got me thinking, I do have a visa that will soon be coming to an end... 




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