Jezebel solves all of our problems.

In the wake of all of the controversy surrounding Obama's comment about Attorney General Kamala Harris, men, well, everywhere have expressed a sense of befuddlement at the ever-changing standard of appropriate behavior toward women in the workplace. In response to this, Jezebel have created a short, but very succinct list of "rules" to clear things up a little.

Epic moments:  

"Here's the thing. Do you have a reason to compliment the woman in question? Wait. Let me rephrase that. Do you have a reason to compliment her that doesn't have anything to do with your penis?"

"Sometimes women are totally trynna bone. Sometimes women go out looking for compliments. Sometimes those women would like to receive compliments from you!"

"Here is a tip: Women are people, just like men! So just take the understanding of social cues that you use on men (the default humans, I know) and then apply it to your interactions with women."

"Please stop digging in your heels against evolution. Progress is natural. Progress is what we do. And progress does not negate the past."

"Women didn't set up this system—you did. These so-called "rules" that you're finding so oppressive, about when and how you should compliment women? These rules aren't the system—they are negative space pushing against the system. They are a reaction to the millions of rules set up by a patriarchal culture that has told women for millenia how to behave and dress and interact with men. YOU are the one with all the rules. We are trying to break them."



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