Wellies for the win.

Over the last few days the temperatures in this country have taken a markedly cold turn. Apparently the weekend we were in Stockholm, the weather was positively spring-like, but that may as well be ancient history because last night....it snowed!

After almost three years of residing in this country I still cannot get over the way people react to cold weather and a little snow. I still don't understand, for example, how people who start donning winter gear when the thermometer hits 50F (10C) can manage to under dress so drastically for the kind of weather we're having now. Not wearing a hat/hood today - just makes no sense.

In addition to this, people really freak out about the driving situation. This morning I overheard someone saying they had walked into work, when they would normally drive, because they didn't want to risk the roads. Also, one of the choirs I used to sing in canceled rehearsal for tonight because the roads were too wet. As you can see in the above photo, the grass is still visible under the thin layer of snow.... Still, if it means that I'm more likely to have a day off of work due to winter weather, I'll take it.

It's not the nicest snow, unfortunately. It's the slushy kind. The kind made up of fat, wet flakes that cling to every inch of you and then slowly melt into your clothing. I had a difficult time seeing through my glasses on the way home. But, our garden is particularly attractive.



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