A month's worth of events.

At this point I have officially been back in the UK for a little over two weeks. It has also been about a month since I've posted at all, but these things do get set aside when life takes over.

Owen and I had a wonderful three weeks in the states - thanks to a lot of really amazing people! After our many Michigan adventures, we made a quick trip to visit Camp Akeela (where we met) and to enjoy the absolutely breathtaking beauty that is the surrounding areas of Vermont.

And as for the last two weeks..... Well, between work, catching up on sleep and several short trips and activities, there has been very little down time.

Punting in Cambridge.

With all the strength of a raging fire...

That's more like it.

See, he enjoys hard labor.

Professional punter. Those people don't look that amused by the tour guide.
Me and Jess working our butts off at a 2hr Zumba masterclass with Nick Logrea!

Will attempt to stay more on top of updating this thing now that I am back and settled!



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